For strategy one,  I wanted to show the satirical side of how people have such a desire to portray themselves as something that they see as ‘ideal’. People are trying to create and curate their identities, online because it can be an anonymous community place. I wanted to show the humor in it with all of the photos but also to show a more real life application of this idea by using the song the “Mask” by the Fugees. As well as the picture of Marilyn Monroe that is used in the background is a mediated curated image. She is the idea of beauty yet she can still become curated to become something that is seen to be ‘more’ or ‘better’; just as we are trying to do with our identities online.

Strategy two, I wanted to represent my community and that is of sober show goers. I used to the iceberg theme, because this is a community that lays low within the music scene and not too many people know about it. I used all of the  different scenes to represent how wide spread my community is and how literally I know people from all over the country and these are people that I will see if I go to any show anywhere in the country. As well I chose the song “come as you are” by String Cheese Incident, because not only can you come into this community as any one, there is just one requirement, the desire to stay clean and sober at shows; as well because String Cheese’s Jellyfish was the first sober show meetings that I attended after my decision to see shows clean and sober


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