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Something that really gets me fired up is all the parents who believe that allowing for their kids to receive vaccines that prevent deadly diseases is a bad idea, not only does this help those who are not vaccinated, it help keep the spread of deadly diseases non existent and keep their children healthy. I read a great article on this, as a will post below. As well the article that states that vaccines are linked with autism, has absolutely not research behind it. The doctor who wrote the article had his medical license revoked, as well as all the other Drs revoked their names from the article, and the journal who posted it came back to say that it was not true, and there was so significant research done to support this. As well through out the years since an amazing amount of data has been collected and research has been conducting saying there is no link between, autism and vaccines.

Here is another great articles from theAmerica Academy of Pediatrics stating that through research there has been no link found between autsim and the MMR vaccine. they specifically talk about the first discussion of this by stating:

Andrew Wakefield’s study in The Lancet in 1998 began the concern about MMR and autism. Since the study was published, 10 of the 13 authors have retracted the findings. In 2010, The Lancet retracted the study, citing ethical misconduct on the part of Wakefield.

As well this is a great map to show the outbreak of immunizable diseases:

During April and May, direct and indirect transmission from the returning traveler resulted in 22 identified cases of measles (including the two cases first reported), for a total of 23 cases overall. Most cases were among residents of a largely unvaccinated religious community in rural North Carolina. Eighteen (78%) of the 23 patients were unvaccinated, three (13%) had been fully vaccinated with 2 doses of measles vaccine, and two (9%) had unknown vaccination status. The 23 patients ranged in age from 1 to 59 years. Measles was confirmed by laboratory testing of specimens from 16 patients (70%). Specimens collected from eight cases were sent to the Vaccine Preventable Disease Reference Center at the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene for molecular characterization. Genotype D8, the most commonly identified measles genotype in India (1), was identified in the specimens from all eight cases.

It’s a shock to younger physicians that their own waiting room or emergency room is where people can get measles,” said the CDC’s Dr. Anne Schuchat.


personal stories:

Health officials said there is a need for a door-to-door vaccination drive to protect the public against measles, especially children, pregnant mothers and immuno-compromised individuals.“Most children with measles easily recover, but the illness can kill because of pneumonia, acute diarrhea with severe dehydration or acute encephalitis,” he added. Tayag noted that a single measles case can infect up to 18 other individuals compared to only five for human immunodeficiency virus and three for flu.“A person who enters a room where a person with measles has just left, can still get measles as the virus can live up to two hours outside the host body,”


blind spot:

Contrary to what many believe, immunizations are not required for children to attend public schools. According to California state law, parents can exempt their children from public-school immunization requirements because of medical conditions or due to religious or personal belief. ( mediated witness) personal stor, gatorade rugby commercial personal stories, disaster)


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