MEmorial Poetics

Essentially the two main themes that I wanted to express were the fear that a lot of people here face about the thought of vaccines and the exact opposite which so many other people face with the fear of contracting these deadly illnesses. We in America are the land of the free, however we are chained down by so many different  fears which bring limits to our own lives.

I have been able to travel a lot in my live and I have visited a fair amount of developing countries. And what I see in America is selfishness and fear, and the vaccine controversy is no different, that fear and selfishness manifests its self in this battle. I believe it to be extremely selfish, this ‘first world problem’ of whether we should easily take a prick to not only save our lives but to help keep others healthy. As well fear that consumes America in our daily lives, most of the fears are really a misuse of imagination and the worry of the 97% of things that will never actually happen. Where here (especially in the demographic most of us int his town reside in)for most of us, we do not have fear or anxiety about the most basic things, our health, food, or whether we will make it through today alive.

In foreign countries where the mortality rate it much higher, where you are not protected from deadly mosquitos, or your drinking water doesn’t come from a shining stainless steel faucet at the turn of a knob. Worries that are just a misuse of imagination are not all too common, when a true concern is out there about your health and safety.

I guess it just comes down to the fact that I am truly shocked at the fear of something that is time tested and proven, and the selfishness that can be had by some people.

Where I found through my searching is that the lack of vaccinations ( in the developing world) (whom weren’t for religious or medical reasons) were made by privileged middle class people, where health issues were of no concern. And this can be shown by the movement that Jenny McCarthy’s and her anti-vax followers believe in. When proper health care needs will always be met, sure this possibly makes more sense. But as over 50% of the people in America who own passports have, they will probably travel and meet people who are not as privileged and have their own struggles. When we only think of ourselves and not as a dynamic community this is when problem will arise.

Thats why the topic/tag of ‘worldwide’ came about, because as humans we area global population that need to support one another, which starts with thinking about one another. WE must break out of our shells, Sunday morning bible studies, and Wednesday night coffee circles, to start taking care of one another globally.


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