By using a more of a chora logic in this project, and having the freedom to document, express and perform all of the information that I found important was something that was really new, and pretty cool to use. At first it was a bit intimidating because it was something that was extremely new to me (being so used to set black and white guide lines of how something should be done). But it was nice to be able to express and perform our commemoration and views through multi-modal facets; because this is how we experience things in real life. We do not just listen, view and hear things in the world, but as humans we interact and do all three, and by using this form of electracy, we were able to perform our MEmorial in a very similar way. In the testimony, by combing videos scientific documents, personal beliefs and stories, as well as stories of others (literate & orality), with the videos, memes, and pictures this was the basis of my assemblage testimony. As well I tried to take this one step further, and add links to other pages, websites, and articles; as well as tags so it was easy to navigate, and browse around the MEmorial. With all of these components, at times I felt like there was a lot going on, but also I feel that it really embodied what current internet culture and behavior is like; with a more roundabout, nonlinear direction, and bringing in some ‘clicktivism’.

This was also fairly eye opening as well as with project two, with how difficult it can be to create a participatory sphere, and cultivate participation on one site, or over a certain topic. This course definitely overall gave me a new outlook on the internet and what I am now able to understand as electracy. If there was anywhere where participation could occur and possibly create civic engagement, I believe that it would definitely either start with or heavily integrate the behaviors of electracy. I think that working towards civic engagement will best be done through the means of a new collective media platforms. There lies of a lot of potential that has yet to be harness, through the means of electracy. And so much more will be developed changed and understood on these electrate platforms in the realm of network mediated civic engagement.


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