For your beliefs or For the Health of Others?

There is a hot debate happening in this Country of  the land of the Free, Should vaccinations be mandatory? Though many diseases have been eradicated from the US, that doesn’t mean that they are not else where in the World. There have been out breaks of Measels happening in various places in the US and around the globe. And it’s not only measles, diseases that were once thought to be eradicated are coming back into the US, by means of travelers and unprotected children here in the US.   An argument in New York has arisen from Phil Plait stating, unvaccinated children shouldn’t be able to attend school, where they become a danger to others, “I do understand that people might have a religious belief against vaccinations. However, I think religious exemptions can and should only go so far. Certainly they stop dead when religion impinges on my rights to have my child attend a school that is safe. I have even less patience for the “personal belief” exemption because that strikes me as being aimed at people who are anti-vaccination. And they are most certainly wrong.” We live in a country based off freedoms, I live a free live where no one is to impinge on my rights, that means my rights to health as well. With this I choose to vaccinate to remain healthy and to stop the sacrifice of 2 million children each year who die from preventable diseases. So when I travel or come into contact with travelers I am neither risking my own health or the health of others (such as children too young to vaccinate yet).