1. Electronic Monuments:

  • egents: self declared consultants with out a portfolio
  • Dromosphere: only “now time’, instantaneous  communication rules out the option for the ‘slow deliberate’ thinking.
  • Media was the 4th estate, change can be made through media . Now the 5th estate is the potential for participation to influence civil change, collective reasoning.
  • personal agency: egents affecting change
  • Orality => Literacy => Electracy

2. Into the Blogosphere:

Parody blogging & the Call of he Real:

  • argument vs argumentation
  • What is the potential for blogs in a deliberate public sphere

Culture Clash:

  • Print media was based on accuracy, fairness, timeliness, precision, clarity and comprehensiveness
  • Blogs no longer spread info from the top down, it can now disperse and radiate from many different places in different directions

Blogging as Social Action:

  • Mediated voyeurism
  • Kairos: opportune time

Between Infiltration & Integration:

  • Real time virtual feedback loops
  • Integration old and new
  • Infotainment ( example: Stephen Colbert)

Rhetorical Velocity & Delivery ( Ridolfo & DeVoss)

  • Kairos
  • Modified delivery to beet suit the network communication
  • remix culture, and now shared authorship
  • Rhetorical Velocity- conscious rhetorical concern for  distance, travel, speed, time, pertaining specifically to theorizing instances of strategic appropriation by a 3rd party


Facebook Philosophy

Playing around with identity:

  • trying out various self conceptions, a part of human development
  • source of play, performance, and persona

Spectacle 2.0:

  • “everything that was directly lived has receded into a representation”
  • simulating the experience
  • creates an accumulation of passive spectators

Facebook as a PLayground & factory:

  • power= potential to act together
  • use and be used, we are social worker of Facebook
  • Human Marketers
  • difference between creating and ‘liking’
  • make a shift from passive to more community




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