Participatory Poetics

From my experience what I have found which engages participation is the use of multi-media, and using the appeal to people’s humor, and relatedness. I believe that a better way to promote participation is to create events which people can engage in either in the physical world (coordinating get togethers, volunteering events, community help/clean up events, recycling composting events), or setting up digital drives or challenges which people can log activities online, or create online forums or discussion rooms.


I think that a great way to promote engagement through social media is to create a platform where people are able to promote their own ideas, discuss others ideas, and just allowing for people to have a say in what they are doing. This gives people the sense of empowerment, and makes them feel like they do have a chance to make a change for themselves and promote what ever which they may be discussing. I feel like with our Facebook page, Social Sustainability we were able to allow all people  to have a say. This is similar to having radiative ideas and no top down organization, which coincides with many ideas that are happening throughout the web. I believe because we did follow this format that is why we may have had a large amount of engagement, and participation, by enabling and empowering citizens to promote their ideas, and spread their own personal knowledge or remix the knowledge of what they have found from other sources.


I think by using Facebook, which is a host for so many other social media platforms, this is an easy way to promote engagement through the other platforms. So not only would people be clicking like, but they could be venturing to other platforms and discussing different options and if there were get togethers (as discussed above), like what was shown in the critical art ensemble they would be bringing participation to a whole new level beyond just ‘clicktivism’.


Though if we were a bigger agency for our Social Sustainability ideas, I think it would be really neat to be able to make apps could empower the citizen to be able to make informed choices towards a greener life style. Apps such as knowledge about businesses and how they make their business, and where they are sourcing from, and what they do with their waste. Or Apps which show what places like parks and different land used to look like, or possibly with the continuation of climate change would the changes to the land could look like.


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