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Participation Log


After discussing the memes in class and seeing how much ‘participation’ the other meme that I posted generated, I looked to see if I could find another that I found clever and humorous, and well I did! I personally am an Office fan, especially of the character Dwight and his clever dry sense of humor if we could even call it that was the inspiration for this meme that I found, which actually could be quite true with all of the pollution and fracking that is occurring currently. But regardless it was a cool meme and received a decent amount of likes, and lots of views!


This was pretty cool, this also touched close to me a little bit. This story focuses on Manilla, which is where my dad’s wife lived, and where my baby sister grew up for the first two years of her life or so. Though they were not living in slums, its still shocking that this is how people are living ( so close to well off places). So I thought that this was a really really cool thing, that only with water bleach and trashed bottles can provide light for so many people!! A really great way to reduce our trash, reuse our bottles, and a form of ‘up-cycling’.


So the question of the source of the warming climate is something that is discussed (argued) about a fair amount between my boyfriend and I. Some people just don’t believe that the warmer trending temperatures over the last 50 years or so are anthropogenic. How ever in my geology class we looked at the trends of a natural climatic warming event, and the trends of that compared to whats happening  currently are not similar! Yes CO2 levels  are increasing and the postive feed back of that is that the temperature keeps increasing, yet how these two events are happening is not in the same way at all!!

So for those non-believers I wanted to put out a report that shows this comparison between the two events; and I think it is important that this is not being published by Fox nor CNN, so something that isn’t trying to get their bias out there.


This is an article that is close to home in what actions a lot of us here in Boulder are taking to reduce our foot print on the earth. The bag usage is down 68% percent after the law of 10 cents per bag. I thought this was pretty cool!! Re-usable bags are something that a lot of us do have, yet sometimes we don’t always make the full effort and take the time to be prepared when we are going grocery shopping. Though when we do it does create a difference! This was a nice feed back article on what changes we are making, and how it very well is making a difference here, and hopefully is sparking this idea in other cities around the world.


This was a post that I put up after our Friday talk about memes. Frankly I enjoy these meme’s and I think they are funny, and this had a relavent idea to our pages topic, so I though it would be a fun meme to put out, and see the light side of something that is really quite a serious issue.

social media growth pic

Above is a picture from our Facebook page, this is evidence of growth of our ideas and our page, people who are not admins nor do they know that this is a project, are spreading this to other thier communities as well adding to the growth.

6.  This was a post, just as a daily reminder of what we can do, and what even little changes maybe we’ve made in the past that and what we can keep up in our daily lives.

7.  This post was a good feeling post, to stop with the depressing facts of how our planet is being destroyed, and how the government, and one of the larger agencies is actually taking steps to research green energy and to make that a viable option for the future of energy production.

8.    This post was my first real post, posting information and how to tips. I know that as a college student where I don’t own my own property, so I can’t make big changes to my property to make it more eco-friendly, because most likely I will be moving out with in a year or less time. So being a college student on a paycheck to paycheck budget I can’t shell out money to pay to jazz up my home, when I’ll be moving from there soon, to not reap the benefits. As well its easier to start with little things, and to empower yourself with small steps, as a college student, this was a post to help give us little ideas of how we can change our lives

9.   This was my opening post to the blog, this is where i really wanted to put out there what we were about, and what we were trying to do. Make a friendly welcoming, house warming statement. As  well to sort of personify earth and what we do, through the picture of a preggi mother earth 🙂

10. This is a post that I thought of because I watched DIVE for a class my freshman year, and  was utterly shocked by all the facts that were provided in that film. It was absolutely absurd to truly quantify the waste that we are ALL producing. I think this could add to the shock value, its something that we all know that we do (produce waste) but the amount of waste (only food waste that is) that is created in this country is absolutely shocking!! and disgusting all at the same time. As well the comment about the Boulder Food Rescue was brought up in another class, as a CU student was the one who started that project!! So just bringing awareness to this matter is a great was to start change, even if it is just little:)


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