Rhetorical Analysis of 1% for the Planet

The media presence coming from the group 1% for the Planet, is mostly driven towards those who participate in their campaign through their blog. Though for many consumers who know that they do buy products which are involved with the 1% for the Planet they are able to look up what business are giving back to the planet. As well the consumer (whom their media is directed to mainly) can also look at the blog, and from there see that they are connected with vine, instagram, pintrest, twitter and Facebook. So 1% for the planet has a strong media presence for those who are conscious consumers ( The founder of 1% for the Planet, Yvon Chouinard,  is also the founder of an original company which then branched into Black Diamond Hardware, and Patagonia, and created gear so that climbers could participate in this new ‘clean climbing’ technique; just for some quick history).

1% in their blogs do make sure to create a proud recognition to those who are associated with their business, and make sure to celebrate these companies on the step that they’ve taken to give back to the environment; but they do a lot to inform the consumer on what steps just and everyday person can do in order to empower them to be conscious and responsible citizen consumers. The rhetorical velocity that is used in this media campaign is quite impressive, they articles and ideas that people can relate to, easily understood and entertaining. They used a nice mix between artistic pictures, facts, news, and pop culture media that relates to sustainability, and slowing down climate change.

After studying 1% for our case study it was nice to see the example of how they use their social media platform not only to boost their own ideas and business, but to empower the consumer citizen. By modeling my own post with the ideas and style that i captured from 1% it was interesting to see what type of feedback I received. I mixed my posts between informal, tips, to informing news and scientific studies and to just plain humorous posts which our audience can relate to. The received participation which mainly consisted of likes and a few comments was more popular with the humorous posts. As well with modeling my posting frequency after 1% I found that to be positively received with a varied posting schedule.

The implied audience are people who are earth friendly, and conscious of the ‘green revolution’, so there is a lot of participation that happens from their audience through out all of the media platforms that 1% uses. The top looked at tags are Sustainability, Love Blue, New Members, 1 % Members. These are all topics in which the implied audience are known to be interested in, so those are the posts which receive the most participation from the audience (as well as thus supporting the businesses that are involved, making a positive feedback loop). Their frequency varies from daily to weekly, not to over saturate their readers, but yet to keep them looking forward to new exciting posts, news, and tips for green living.


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