Electronic MEmorials:

-memory both collective & individual are recogcnized in an electronic MEmorial

-object => what is dismissed or disregarded, materially what is not apart of me

sacrifice => what becomes the “waste”


  • maps a relationship between an individual and those places that reveal the categories of a society: (pg 40)
  • assemblage, thinking/ composing

Choragraphy: gathering, broad, covering, deciding by the mood and whats felt

-peripheral: a transitional device relating literate monumentality to its electrate counterpart. IT relates the device to propaganda, or at lease rhetoric (persuasion)


  • by using the peripheral route, showing us our collective identities, shine light on the blind spots
  • visualization: making a personal, private issue into a visual to the public sphere creating/ exposing collective values
  • Peripheral, concetto/emblem, testimonial assemblage (the formless method)
  • Focus = > abject losses, the sacrifice                     Dramatize  => collective blind spot
  • testimonial assemblage (the formless method)= links private, individual cases to the community and the public values
  • Regards and event of a public problem, from the private to the cumulative & witness this as a sacrifice on the behalf of an unrepresented national value, with out transposing them to be abstract, and ideals
  1. Do this by mapping the blind spot,
  2. Do not argue , but present documents and stories from various sources, that perform and show this
  3. keep the focus on the material rather than the abstract and the ideals.

What is the blind spot?  : the over looked, the peripheral route to certain topics, the ugly step child in the closest.

“MEmorials trace the operations of these letters that ‘produce meaning effects in the collective beyond intent, without understanding, with out individual consciousness…”” ( 151)

A disaster is used to set the mood, something that is ‘felt’ and not shown

  • mood, feeling, felt guide how the MEmorial is composed.

Alternative about why? : Think about the w(hole) blindspot, abject loses, field/matrix/tangle => the broad spectrum

MEmorial: consultation is not a ‘text’


MEmorials = abjects (make the abject more understandable/sensible)

memorials = ideals


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