Exercise 5

When I was younger, I was a water loving baby, a mermaid child. Where ever there was water I was in it. I loved to play underwater it was like being in a whole other world. I learned how to scuba dive at a really young age, and traveled spending hours underneath the surface, explore the alternate worlds. I became a swimmer, where I trained and raced competitively for quite some years. While I swam that was a time of huge amounts of personal growth and self knowledge. To push yourself, to use your entire body to it’s fullest extend, while not breathing, while flying through an underwater world was quite a unique experience and time in my life. 

For a lot of my life I was defined as a water child, a diver, and a swimmer. While I was in high school, I took my experience and knowledge of swimming and the underwater world and put it to use, I became a swim coach. I coached up to about 100 kids every summer for 5 years. This was my job, my life. My hair smelled of the pool, my skin oozed the scent of chlorine, and I felt at home. Here is where I could share my love and spread it on to the young, grooming them for a sport, past time, lifestyle that I had loved. The water which first was an exciting new world I fell in love with, quickly became a passion, to an obsession to a job. Something that I still just can’t seem to drop. While in my years as a coach I would spend so my time in the water m skin would dry into scales, the chemicals would burn me, my skin would ache from so much sun and water, and my suit would rub into me till it cut the first layers of my skin. My job eventually drove me to the end of the plank to say, it was time to jump, or just wait inevitably till I jumped. 

So I made the leap and I jumped into the vast deep blue, something that I was not sure of which direction to go, or where any of it would take me. Just like in my life, from when I was young, I’d play or float or sink in the water. No matter what though I’d always be held by the water seeping into every arc bend or crevice and become a part of me. The water always held me till I reached the surface again.

Water is a life blood, whether if it was why I was getting to paid, or why I felt okay, or my meditation on a bad day its something that I cannot deny that I will be able to live without. From an autobiographical story, to a job, to creating a community, I have rode the waves to some many different places and met so many along the way. Sometimes I just have to leave the solid ground, take a leap to the unknown, where I can’t always see what it around, but I am always held a float by the water around me, because it truly is me. 


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