Exercise #4

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What I believe a large blind spot that is over looked through out the anti-vaccine movement, some of the blind spots that need to be revealed is the fact that there is no scientific research that has been that supports the anti-vaccine movements. Above there are the stats that show what our population looked like before and after the development of immunizations. The only correlations that have been shown have been proved to be no source of causation ( for one or the other). When children often have the MMR vaccination, they are around the ages of 1-2 and this becomes the common age for when children are diagnosed with autism. Though there is a correlation between these two ages and these events of life. There has been thousands of pieces of data which have been been collected and analyzed, and there has been no causation of the MMR vaccination and the onset of autism. ( Much to Jenny McCarthy’s disbelief, who knew she was such a pronounced scientist! Why is no one questioning her healthy past of all the partying that she did while a playmate?)   Through our identity of America, we have rid these deadly diseases from our country and should do so until these diseases are completely eliminated from the world, if we do not, than we continue the leak of these diseases, where they can pop up and create epidemics. We are just truly trying to protect our children and the future of our country from epidemics of deadly diseases. As these stats state, the diseases are still prevalent in the world, and people will continue to travel, and taking their germs with you, though your kid has a strong immune system, it still can’t fight everything off, “A study in the journal Pediatrics found that the 2010 whooping-cough outbreak in California — when the state had the highest number of cases since 1947 — hit hardest in areas with high levels of non-vaccination. In 2013, measles cases tripled nationwide. Outbreaks were centered in religious communities in Brooklyn, Texas and North Carolina that had resisted vaccination. New York City has another small outbreak right now. In the panic created by the Wakefield article, England saw MMR vaccination rates fall to 80 percent in 2004 and Wales to 78 percent. In 2012, England and Wales had the highest number of measles cases in 18 years.” (Lowry, NYPost).


Though there are risks to being vaccinated and that can not be denied, there are risks to feeding your children peanuts for the first time, or taking them in the car with you, or even leaving them to sleep on their own at night. The risk of death, injury and illness in this world is something that can not be escaped. Yes there is a risk to taking a vaccine, the risk comes with a risk of seizures ( 1 in 1 million cases ), and allergic reactions being some of the more serious. Yes this is a possibility, there is no way to deny that. But if you choose to travel, and no vaccinate, then the risk that is unecessarily being put onto your kids is a much higher risk factor to your child, and other people as well, not only risking your family but whole other communities.

There are light and dark sides to all subjects, yet there is also science which is there to prove facts, and discredit claims.


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