So today in discussion, I was really able to (hopefully) wrap my mind around what a MEmorial is in comparison to just a memorial, It differs in more than just one way than we a physical monument vs a virtual monument. A MEmorial takes the dark shadowy route to come to an idea, exposing and combining the ‘abject’ (which we don’t want to affiliate with) with the group collective of the MEmorial, making a more wholesome/ whole-istic monument. I think this is really interesting especially if this were to become a more widespread practice on the web. I think that in America, we are incredibly great at creating bind spots, and ignoring these ‘abjects’ which to not suits us for the best. Especially within the new mediated world which most of us choose to experience the world most of the time, putting up the blinders, and only connecting and seeing to which makes us comfortable is easy on the web. Though with the invention of the MEmorial this could make it easier for people to become apart of the collective issue, through the peripheral route, all happening in ‘real-time’ in the ‘dromosphere’ and continually updating. Keeping it real to continually signify the sacrifices which are made continually, rather than an outdated older monument which is easy to cast aside.


One thought on “MEmorials

  1. I think that you are really getting the hang of the idea of the MEmorial as an abject focus that could quickly gain the attention of mainstream media if the idea or instance is profound enough. I could see this really catching on if it hasn’t already.

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