Exercise 3

Over the past few weeks when examining the viral, web multi-media culture, I have seen some similar characteristics that are the same between a lot of the current and post popular viral mulimedia that has spread though the web

-Remixing ( taking somethings and combing it with somethings else, whether they are are similar or not)

– nerdy DJing ( where someone takes somethings, puts a personal spin on it, or combines its with other media or ideas, creating a remix, but adding a pace, tempo or some different type of feel than what the original was meant to be like)

-Humor and familiarity of the content

-Timing (relevancy)

All of these points as listed above are seen in a lot of what has become popular viral culture. By taking something old, and making it new with your own twist on it has become a very popular cultural behavior these days. When this is done it’s often to recreate a different type of meaning that what was originally intended by the original content. Another import aspect to creating something that will circulate and become viral, is to make sure that the timing of the content which is going to be spread will be relevant to what is happening in the current pop culture or issues. This grabs peoples attention, and they are willing to take the time to not only read and look at the viral media, but to also take the time to spread/share or like the image, this furthering the spread of the media.

Within my group I think that the topic of recycling is something that is relevant in this day and age. So for success I think that if we could create a meme which is familiar to people yet we changed the meaning of it, and made it humorous I think this would definitely create potential for the viral spread through the web.


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