After watching the TED talk I was very surprised at how convincing  McGo­ni­gal’s argument was for how gaming can change our world. It definitely gave me a different perspective on gaming, a world of which I truly know very little about. I think she brought up the 4 valid points about what characteristics that gamers share to which a change can be brought about by.


As well though I believe it was Laura who brought up a valid point. The games that McGonigal and her team were inventing were games that no one is going to play really. As what was discussed, games are used to enter a realty with problems that are solvable and ultimately a reality which is cooler than the one that we are physically born into (at least most of us). So what sort of change and type of game needs to be developed to create this skills and harness them for use in the physical ‘real’ world? This is a great idea, but is it realistic for this idea to be put into place in the real world?


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  1. This is kind of what I discussed too. I loved her enthusiasm and I thought she made some really good points. But ultimately she is a game designer (that’s what she said in the video at least) so of course she’s going to be pushing gaming. She’s clearly going about it in a very different way than most people and her argument does have some valid points. But there are more studies about how damaging gaming can be (in terms of social interaction, lifestyle, addiction, and isolation to name a few). Her argument was compelling but I don’t really see a whole lot of reality in it.

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