One of the key terms that I could really connect with was the idea of saturation. Often when I am browsing the web and participating in the realm of electracy, I feel that overstimulation, and saturation of words, text, images, ideas all of it. And it comes all at you at once from the adds on the side bar, to the scrolling ads. Links to fifty thousand over websites and articles. Images of how your belly fat can be burned, and 1000’s of other outrageous idea and gimmicks attempting to sell their ideas out there. S-A-T-U-R-A-T-I-O-N. Just to saw it slowly seems oxymoronic in this sense. Every time i browse the web I really feel the packed punch of that baby.


As far as our group project goes, I’m actually enjoying the opportunity to be passionate about something that I really care about. To spread the ideas of simple sets that we all can take and to spread awareness is something that I actually am enjoying. One part of me thinks that it would actually be really cool to watch this Facebook space over time to become occupied with thoughts ideas and conversations about what could happen, and what is going on in the realm of ‘social sustainability’. But theres another side of me that realizes the time constraints and as well the fact of a jam packed schedule with other projects and tasks to do on the daily as well, that is a limiting factor. I can’t just pour all my time at the moment into creating this sustainable, green revolution, though it would be exciting to spread ideas and create an even bigger more focused movement than what’s already happening. But who knows, where time with this project will take us!



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  1. brookevazquez says:

    Great point on saturation and the whole feeling of information overload. In relation to our project, I totally agree that it would be cool to see how much we could get this to expand. But as you said, the time constraints make it hard to totally devote ourselves to this cause.

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