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My experience in Orality is something thats is very common, and something I feel pretty comfortable with. Its something I’ve been doing since a wee young age. I feel comfortable with conversing, talking, and expressing myself, as well as texting writing emails and letters. I think I could be considered a chatty Kathy for sure, If someone is there to listen, I more often will be open to talking! The Category of orality is definitely stratified though, in different situations I find myself speaking differently. With professors, there usually is a much more formal discourse that takes place; within my group of friends there is loose talk, free speak, conscious flow of thoughts usually; with my parents its a causal conversation usually, but still somewhat filtered.



I’m comfortable with literacy, though my experience with literacy is pretty limited. My experience with literacy is mainly with just reading, I am not much of a writer, except for what I do for school. I enjoyed reading a lot as a child, I would read books back to back, and stay up late at night reading, because I just couldn’t put them down. I still read books, novels,  and stories to this day, but school has definitely hindered my reading since high school. A lot of my experience in literacy does come from reading in the news, and online articles that I can browse through. I think because a lot of my literacy experience has evolved to be from online reading, this has made it more difficult for me to remain focussed while reading novels, as well as scientific papers, definitely, which is something  that I do have to do a far amount of for school.



Electracy, this is a whole new realm of experience that I think my generation, and definitely generations to come will have the most experience with. IT can be a little discomforting to interact in the realm of electracy, because I personally don’t know who can see what I am doing, what I may be posting or even just looking at. I’ve learn from first had that nothing can be kept a secret online. I’ve had to deal with cyber harassment from complete strangers whom I’ve never met nor contacted, but who have found my name, and there for my school email, and continued on to harass me. This makes me a little nervous about posting very personal things about myself online, and was a great reality check to how broad, and accessible all the information is in this age of electracy. It makes me  apprehensive. Even allowing this blog to be public was a strange decision for me, its just uncomfortable to put your self out there, to a audience larger than you could ever imagine. My experience in the age of Electracy as far as social platforms goes as facebook (not posting very often), Instagram (which I do have a secret pleasure for), and this blog ( which has been a interesting experience for me). As well as being a student in this day-n-age, using the world wide web for immediate information access everywhere, anytime is something I have grown extremely accustom and used to. Something that would be a bit strange to be without. imgres-7


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