Reflection on Project One

      From this project it was an interesting insight on the social networking behaviors that people partake in, even though its well known that is the mask that we create, and people do bluntly address this we still create this ‘mask’. Even in apart of this image its not only what we choose to put out there in status updates, comments and likes, but what we choose not to comment on, or like. Because even what we choose to participate in, it makes a statement as well with what we choose not to associate with and to ‘ignore'(even though we still see a lot of what we ‘ignore’).
      In my observed community, there is a lot of engagement that happens mainly not over the internet. One of the experiences that I’ve had was with camping at a music festival I found a group of clean and sober campers on Facebook, but it was only when I met these people in person that the true bonds were formed. We have continued to contact each other social media, how ever the meat of our community is in person and when we are there to support and be with one another.

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