Society as a Spectacle

I think this idea of how everything is life has become a spectacle, by receding only into a representation of what it really is. Checking into somewhere by Four Square, Checking in on Facebook, Instagramming our meals, and tweeting our every moment’s thoughts are just a few examples of how on a personal basis we are taking our lives and making it into a representation or a spectacle of what’s going on. So in class we can take this idea and argue if its right or wrong, bad or good, but something else that can pulled from this article is the argument or lead that this type of behavior accumulates in passive spectators.

In the sense that yes maybe it detracts from our present physical surroundings to take the time to check in or to insta gram, or think of a witty tweet, yes it does detract us making us passive in that moment, but how does the creation of the ‘spectacle’ interact in the social network. When our lives boil down to attention grabbing pictures, checkins, or status updates, what sort of potential does that create for engagement between you and someone else. Or what might that be promoting, or what sort of conversation is that sparking up somewhere? Is it sparking debate, an intellectual discussion of trivial topics, or just some gossip, or do people just hit like and move on.


One thought on “Society as a Spectacle

  1. I agree, it seems that people are more interested in recording and sharing what they are doing, rather then enjoying the moment. It takes away from the actual moment, and turns a personal event into a public spectacle where anyone is invited. In response to your final question I would say that it allows people to feel connected even when sitting at home by themselves. While this is not necessarily bad it could in some cases foster unhealthy hermit like behavior, where an individual only interacts with others through the internet

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