While examining Facebook, we can see the ideas of DIY journalism, this can easily be seen through people’s posts in what they are doing their life, and making it obvious what is going on in their personal life, and also what their opinions are on political issues. By this online connection and network, people are easily able to share ideas, especially on Facebook this is quite attainable, Facebook has become so well integrated into other aspects of the internet, Facebook can now be treated like a personal blog. Because Facebook is so keyed into all other aspects of an individuals internet use, it becomes a DIY journalism about your life, and easily with sharing your ideas on political or any other social issues, because when reading articles on news websites there is the option to immediately post the news article to Facebook. By posting that article not only can you share the news but you can add a comment or your own ideas on the subject, in some ways its like a personal blog slash timeline.

But also another aspect of the internet community that can be seen through Facebook, is those who strive to be the A-listers and the most liked. This can be done through considering kairos when creating posts and statuses. Just as many people want to be loved and liked in the physical world, the same is felt in the virtual world. By knowing when the opportune time is the create a post, new pictures or a status, so that people will see it, or maybe it is relevant to significant social events, that people may ‘like’ this. Kairos could be considered a key ingredient for internet “A-listers”, virtual acceptance and online success.


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