Women in the blogosphere vs Women in the world

In the article Women and Children Last The author discussed how 40-50% of all the bloggers are women, representing about half of the blogging population. Yet despite half of the population being women the popular blogs (A-List) are all blogs made by men. These A-list bloggers then post links to other A-list bloggers continuing to spread the popularity of all of these blogs. This type of networking is nothing new but something that isn’t only seen in the virtual world. This type of networking is the reason behind a lot of employers finding employment, and can be seen in corporate America.

So what I’m seeing here is that this virtual community mirrors the real world in that in the A-list, higher social status, dominant and powerful are the men, where just as in the real world and the corporate business world, men dominate the scene and are seen as the higher powerful influencing force. So really this virtual world isn’t too different from the world we live in today, same ideals seem to still apply.


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