Entering the Age of Electracy

In the introduction of Electronic Monuments, there were a lot of ideas brought up about the future and what will be happening within the next few generation as well as what is currently happening. A side effect ( as we could call it) from internet and having these virtual live experiences, I feel like is losing your identity or what we hold as our identity in this physical world, and by entering this vest world of unknown possibilities, where there is “no halo of private protection, not even his own body, to protect him anymore”(xviii).

The repercussions of the technology that is being developed has yet to be seen, but what Ulmer seems to be scheming is a way for our society to keep up with the speed that are life seems to be running at with the instant updates occurring from text messages, news, tweets and all sorts of various social media. Its been shown that with what is happening currently with our modes of learning, retaining information, and interaction changing, due to this digital age, that we as a society and the ‘agencies’ will have to transform our culture to work with this new technologic age. Plane tickets, concert tickets, coupons, credit cards, shopping, advertising, classes, ordering food, just a few examples of what ordinary things have turned digital and instant. Part of me is frightened by this change. I feel overwhelmed, I can have any piece of information, order, buy, look  up, find, just about anything anywhere at the tip of my finger at my iPhone. Sometimes I feel as if I’m expected to do all these things digitally, live, now, and to keep up with the swift roll of the information highway that is ever flowing, regardless if I pay attention or not. Society will move on with or without me, with no regard. Sometimes I want it to, just to leave me to the simpler things in life, leave me to makes changes on a smaller scale in my personal life.

Though what Ulmer seems to be proposing is this unifying of a society that can be created through participation online. He states that electracy will “do for the community as a whole what literacy did for the individuals within the community”. Who knows what will become of it all though! Will we chose to actually start to participate and be the egents that he believes to come, hmmmm I guess I just have to wait and see


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